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your treasured words

Many moons have passed since you wrote last.

Know that every message you sent over the years has been cherished like a treasure. Being the receiver of your written thoughts and feelings about Life and All made me feel seen and loved. I am forever grateful for your Soul, its openness and vulnerability that allowed this communication between us.

Now the seasons change without reading any new word from you. And I still feel seen and loved.

Most messages you sent were collected in a treasure box. I don‘t re-read them, simply knowing they‘re there comforts me. They are kept safe in their own little folder in my email archive, a keeper of our words exchanged. There they are, whether they want to or not. Your treasured words, cramped in a programmed storage fort – under constant protection from dissolving into non-existence. Your treasured words, destined to act as a proof of what once was; of the thoughts, the love and care you shared so generously with me. Your treasured words, captured rigidly in black and white, caged in by punctuation marks. I know they can be freed from surveillance, erased into the wild colorful void of Nowhere, where their meaning and sense will vanish – with one click.

Tomorrow there is a new moon rising.