all and nothing, story time

yaga bond tale

What you are about to hear is nothing new.
Actually it is the oldest story of all.
It is remembering, as simple as that.

This tale has been told countless times
through all the ages,
in all kind of ways,
again and again.

This is the story of all of us.

Our story begins
once upon a time, just yesterday
when there were two sisters
birthed into the world through one womb.

They were opposingly different and so much alike.
They grew up side by side,
learned how to fight and how to compromise
and went their ways into the world.

The time came when they were living far away from each other,
literally on different continents.

And the day came when both heard
the call.

A whisper from deep within,
an answer in the wind,
a tune in the air calling for
unknown paths to be explored.

The sisters understood, it was time
to meet in a magical place
to listen and get in tune.

One flew all the way over lands and seas.
One descended from snowy mountain peaks.

They met
where the land is wide and vast,
where the ocean waves and mountains touch
a city like all other cities.

Following the fire of their hearts,
no doubts, no questions asked.
Stoked by the idea to go on a journey

Soon they had two bikes to get moving
and a tent to find shelter.

And so they set out,
in one direction
one after the other.

The trip took the two along the coast
crossing forests and hills,
passing cliffs and sandy beaches.
Ups and downs, lefts and rights,
the wind got their back.

In the mornings they rose with the sun,
packed up and got going.
Moving along with the passage of the sun
until it set,
and then again put up their camp.

Morning and night
waking and falling asleep
next to the sister,
in another magical place
on mumma earth’s natural surface,
safely hold and listening to her humming.

The most astonishing gift.

Days became weeks and time was elastic.
Paths and dimensions suddenly and subtle
opened up, closer and clearer than ever before.

They did not know
what was ahead
where they would go
who they would meet
or how they would do it.

Never knowing
what would be this days’ gifts,
how life would unfold
until it was there and happening.

Life was different every day,
as they were changing in every moment.

Through it all
no matter what,
the sisters had each others back,
took care of themselves and the other.
And never lost sight of each other.

Moving and resting.
Relaxing and taking on challenges.
Listening and sharing.
Finding silence and pure content.

When the time came to part
it was exciting and scary.

Somehow they knew
from now on their lives would not be the same
as before.

Something had shifted, had opened up.
Something fundamental and deep within,
had awoken again.

They felt their roots,
they felt the connection.
Sensed the endlessness.

they were ready and able
every single day
to face and handle
the unknown.

They understood,
they were always together
even when alone.

They remembered
we are all connected.
With life, with death,
with each other,
with ourselves.

Always have been.
Always will be.
Right now.

No matter if face to face
or on other sides of the world.
No matter if miserable and suffering
or overflowing with bubbly joy.

Growing and changing every day.
In the end, it is all there already.
There is nothing else to be done,
nowhere to go.

There is only to Be.
And awake.
Just Be.

Experiencing life in every freaking moment.
Breathing in and out.
Expanding, contracting.
Through darkness and light.
Finding peace and total ecstasy

In Being.

Hell yeah

The end is the beginning.