sonne und mond

yaga bond agreement 2018


with joy and lightness in my heart, I commit to our sisterhood, to a bond,  in appreciation and wholeness by accepting, living and practicing the following  agreements

With my whole being, I agree…

  • To love and honor your unique, creative, free-flowing Self and to allow the constant changes
  • To see in you the infinite potential that you are, and to support and encourage you on your path of fulfillment and growth
  • To consistently and consciously remember that we are spiritual companions who are having a human experience: That in our essence we are related in love and union and that while we are here will consistently seem to exist separate from each other
  • To trust the natural flow of life, to meet all what’s coming courageously and with an open mind, including aging, sickness, death and separation
  • To celebrate our shared passions and what we have in common as much as our individuality and differences, and to let them freely develop and evolve
  • To allow closeness, caresses and tenderness, when we both long for it
  • To grant us time and space when we need distance and alone time
  • To be fully responsible for myself: For my thoughts, feelings and emotions. For my perception, words, reactions and actions
  • To recognize my reflections and projections, and grow out of reactive towards responsive behavior
  • To meet you at eye level, regardless of different point of views and superficialities
  • To trust your joy, ease, high spirit, confidence and optimism (also when I feel miserable and disconnected)
  • To trust your shadows, bad temper, doubts and fears (also when I feel joyful and connected)
  • To listen to you fully and actively from my heart, and to embrace the silence between and in us
  • To communicate with honesty and truthfulness from my heart and to clearly and kindly communicate my needs
  • To serve you in fulfilling your needs and wishes the best I can
  • To not fall for my assumptions and beliefs in moments of misunderstanding and obscurity but instead to approach you in dialogue, to ask questions and to clearly express myself
  • To be with at your side, no matter in what kind of circumstances or distances
  • To always do my best and to forgive myself when I fail
  • ….*

*Plus all that I already know and forgot to mention here, and all that will be remembered in the time to come