story time

The Chocolate Ball Theory

Let me tell you a little story which will lead to something big. I like to call it ‘The Chocolate Ball Theory’ or ‘The Taste of Freedom’.

It all began sometime in herstory, when I journeyed through Life as a seeker and it so happened that on this trip I found myself living as a thriving cyclic being in a community house somewhere on the Pacific coast line of Mexico. A sanctuary where I among other brothers and sisters had found refuge in conscious, plant-based communal living, spiritual growth, and emotional and physical healing. Our days at the house were filled with morning meditation, yoga, sharing circles, workshops and green smoothies. In our leisure time we would sit alone or together at the palmed beach, just five minutes by barefoot, dreamily looking at the waves, contemplating on the past and the mysterious future, while we would relentlessly remind ourselves that really it’s all about the present moment. Some liked to read, sleep, dance, play and sing in the garden while others spent serving periods growing crops in the community garden, preparing lunches and dinners and attending to all other household affairs. The food prepared within the sanctuary grounds was all vegan, often raw, always gluten- and by any means sugar-free. One of these places, where it was about learning and practicing a healthy, mindful and honest way of living with ourselves and with one another. It might sounds heavenly but as many know – it is not an easy path.

Among the housemates was Kerry. Now there were many great things about her – like her guitar skills and powerful voice, but let us focus on the obvious: Kerry made the most delicious Chocolate Balls. For which she only used the bestest, freshest ingredients like pure cocoa, nuts and dates that she found at the market. Somehow she managed to prepare them when nobody else was around. Sometimes after dinner, she quietly got up from the table and surprised us with a plate of dark brown perfect little Chocolate Balls. One, or two, sometimes even three balls for everyone! I am not kidding when I tell you that for some of us this was the happiest moment of the day, considering what we were going through in this house: a powerful inner transformation which required facing once personal shadows if not hell. And all this in a sugar-free house! Let me tell you, when those Chocolate Balls showed up, so did feelings of ecstasy, unleashing the purest spontaneous joy and gratitude and love in our eyes, our mouths and hearts. Forgetting all about the struggles of the day. It was perfect. Bliss.

One bright morning, Kerry left. She returned to what people call the real world. That same evening we gathered around the big wooden table, enjoyed our dinner and missed Kerry. Inevitably it had to come up: So what now? Would there be no more Chocolate Balls? Someone dared to say it out loud and for a moment, life at the house, and in general, seemed to have lost its most cherished incentive to continue on with the effort to become more whole as a human being. It’s like that in life, a fundamental necessity, like the one for Chocolate Balls, only shows up in ones awareness, after it has been taken away from you. There we were and no more Chocolate Balls? Blank faces, helplessness, despair. What were we going to do?

And in this moment of darkness, it came to me. The understanding. The illumination. I just realized it right there and then, just like that. And into the silence a truth was spoken that would change my life and that of many others, including yous, dear reader, forever:

Guys, if we want Chocolate Balls… we gotta make them. They ain’t gonna fall from the sky.

We all knew it was true. The question that remained was, would we be able to live it? Thanks to the first excitement of this spontaneous enlightenment, we got all excited and teamed up to make our first batch of our own Chocolate Balls the next day. We started following a recipe that Kerry had passed on to us. We went to the market, and stocked up on the ingredients that Kerry listed as essentials. It wasn’t bad to follow these instructions at first. After all, it ensured that what we got as a result, was exactly what we knew would satisfy our need for Chocolate Balls in taste, quality and quantity. But it didn’t take long until we got curious about how it would be to substitute some of the almonds for walnuts and what it would be like to add some chia seeds. We continued having fun in the creation of our own style chocolate balls. There was already so much good stuff in the kitchen available to us, so we started experimenting and kept creating unique batches of wondrous balls with what was already there. While going wild trying out new compositions, we learned how to mix, portion and adjust the different ingredients that were available to us in a way to get an amazing texture, look and taste. We got results so delicious, we couldn’t even dream of before. All that within the frame of dietary restriction given by the house and with the overall goal of not just getting a temporary feeling of satisfaction but to bringing a health-promoting nutritional value to the table. By the time it was for us to leave the House, we had become masters of fulfilling our own basic necessity for Chocolate Balls, whenever we were in need, we knew what to do and no one would ever be able to take that away.


Even though there is a lot more to the Chocolate Ball Theory, I’m going to wrap it up here, because I have a fresh batch to make. It’s a pity that I didn’t get to tell you more. Oh yeah there is more!

I didn‘t emphasize the importance of the quality of your ingredients or what to do in case you seemingly run out of a main component. In this context I could have mentioned the infamous `Nut Debacle’, that occurred when a brother decided to not get nuts at the market because the prices had risen.

You might have noticed how I didn‘t discuss some other crucial aspects of the theory. One being the intrinsic questioning and reflecting on ones own motivation for the making of Chocolate Balls before you get going. Is it out of greed? Or serving? Misery? Healing? Addiction? Or even boredom? Reflect before you act. Trust me, your intention can be a huge flavor enhancer or a risk to it. Also I withheld from going into detail about possible short-cuts to get your Chocolate Balls. Expecting someone else to make them for you, or even worse buying ready made Chocolate Balls in a store (really?). I can see how there is a time and space for Chocolate Ball gifting, trading and business in this dream reality we currently imagine ourselves to live in. But first of all, experience  the whole process of Chocolate Ball making for yourself and I promise you will get to a whole new level of experience when you bite into these sweet brown goodies.

That’s it. You’re welcome, dear friend. It really wouldn’t be fair to keep all this from you. By now I am sure you have come to see that what we understood here, during the time shared in a dreamy community house on the coast of southern Mexico, is nothing less but the key to escape your misery. Yes my dear, it is that simple: Go, and make your Chocolate Balls! What are you waiting for? If you are in sincere, heartfelt need of them, there is no way around it. It’s not like someone is just going to knock at your door, smiling and handing you a gift-wrapped box full of your favorite Chocolate Balls (magical exceptions prove the rule). It’s also highly unlikely that Chocolate Balls are just going to start falling from the sky to bless us all with exactly what we prayed for (again, exceptions may occur).

If you realize your dilemma of an unfulfilled need, remember to go into your kitchen, find what you need there, don’t forget to check the storage, get your basic ingredients together – if you don’t know how to do it at first, that’s okay, just ask someone for help – and then have fun creating what you have been longing for. It’s that easy and I guarantee, you will love the process of making your Chocolate Balls and than after, you will get the healthiest and sweetest reward: The taste of freedom.