To beginn with. All words are lies.

“There is a famous teaching in the zen tradition which tells of a student asking about the moon. A stick is used to point to it. And the teaching warns us not to mistake the stick for the moon. The problem with all words is that they are sticks. They can never be the moon.

At best they are beautiful sticks that delineate the moons shape, light or majesty and allow our lives to be gaze at it directly.

At worst they are several headed branches that splay out in many different directions and confuse us even more.”

Abdi Assadi, “Shadows on the path”.

Continously, we pick up, use and drop words every day when we communicate and interact with each other.

For the following words we explain how we use them and which is the (underlying) meaning in our understanding.

Some of the words have been created by us to fit a specific repetitive scenario and therefore need an explanation in order to be understood.

Here we make the attempt to explain the not-explainable.


Misunderstanding, friction, quarrel, conflict.
Repeating in a pattern that seems to be out of control.
Missverständnis, Reibung, Streit, Konflikt.
Verhaltensmuster, die wiederholend auftreten und denen wir uns scheinbar ausgeliefert fühlen.