about yaga bond

Why do we share via yaga bond?

What you are about to hear is nothing new.
Actually it is the oldest story of all.
It is remembering, as simple as that.

This tale has been told countless times
through all the ages,
in all kind of ways,
again and again.

This is the story of all of us.

Our story begins
once upon a time, just yesterday
when there were two sisters
birthed into the world through one womb.

They were opposingly different and so much alike.
They grew up side by side,
learned how to fight and how to compromise
and went their ways into the world.

… how does the yaga bond tale continue?

Read our full tale.

What does yaga bond stand for?

Gathering together.


Calling on remembering the WHOLE.

A divine union of SHE and HE in all of us.

Getting to know our natural power, senses and wisdom, beyond barriers of gender roles or societal beliefs.